Popular Window Styles You May See

Popular Window Styles You May See


When the time comes to build or remodel your home, there are many popular window styles to choose from, each with its own unique flare and design. Here at Siding-1 Windows-1 we are committed to providing excellent local window installation and selection services to all of our customers.  Here are some of the window types you might want to look into for your home:

single sash window

Single Sash Windows

The sash window is one of the first styles of windows used in homes and consists of two panels of window glass arranged vertically. In this style of window, the bottom panel is able to moves up to let air come in and the top panel stays fixed in place to allow light to come in.

double hung window

Double Hung Windows

The double panel sash window is set up the same as a single sash window except that both panes of glass can be moved all the way up and down. This allows for greater flexibility for how the window is used and how air flow is let into a room. It is one of the most popular window styles of today.

casement window

Casement Windows

This window type originated in the UK and it is still one of the more popular window styles in European countries. In this design, the single or double pane of glass hangs on a hinge which allows the window to be opened like a door. The panes can usually be opened inward or outward.

awning window

Awning Window

The awning window is much like a casement window except that it is mounted vertically and has a hinge at the top. This design allows the window to open out at an angle. This type of window allows for good air flow without the use of a screen and without worry about rain or debris coming in.

bay window

Bay Windows

Used first in castles of the English Renaissance, bay windows have come to be used in many homes large and small. They are by far one of the more popular window styles used in homes and many local window installations in new homes are for bay windows.

Jalousie window

Jalousie Window

Distinctly American in style, these windows were first widely seen in the early 1900s. This type of window is made up of thin, staggered strips of glass with overlap slightly when closed. The window is designed so that it can open and close much like a Venetian blind.

sliding sash window

Sliding Sash Window

The sliding sash window is much like a double hung window except that the panes are set up horizontally instead of vertically.  They can be slide to either side for customized air flow and are popular in narrow wall spaces such as over kitchen sinks or in bathrooms.

fixed window

Fixed Window

Fixed windows were the original glad pane window and they are a permanent feature of the wall. They do not open; they can either be used in exterior or interior walls and can be large or small. This type of window can be customized easily and is becoming one of the popular window styles of today.

popular window styles

When it comes to choosing from the popular window styles of today there are many great choices available. If you need help with window style selection or are looking for local window installation experts, give us a call! We would love the opportunity to show you the difference we can make for your home’s windows!


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