Popular Types of Siding From a Siding Company Chicago

Popular Types of Siding From a Siding Company Chicago

When it comes to making your Chicago house look and feel like the home of your dreams, it all starts with the first impression you get when you pull into the driveway. A beautiful looking home outside feeds into a beautiful home inside and if you have been considering getting some help with your Chicago replacement siding project, trust the experts here at Siding-1 Windows-1 and let us show you why we are the leading siding company Chicago has to offer! When it comes to siding, we have seen and worked with a lot and for Chicago residents, we recommend the following siding options:

Vinyl siding

This option is by far the most popular siding choice not just in Chicago, but across the entire US. This is largely due to its versatility, affordability, and customization options. Some do not like the plastic look of the vinyl siding but it can be molded to resemble a range of other textures and materials such as wood or brick and any color imaginable can be used on vinyl siding. The freedom for design along with a very affordable price tag continues to make this the most commonly seen siding option in the city.

Wood siding

Commonly used in older home and in houses with a more cottage or cabin look to them, wood siding brings a unique look and feel and a durability that is can be just as good as vinyl provided it is properly taken care of. If you are attracted to this style, remember there will be more care and routine maintenance needed than with other siding options but if you take care of your wood siding like you should, that investment can pay off in the long term as some wood sidings can last a staggering 50 to 100 years! Chicago replacement siding options include wood and if you need help deciding if this is the right choice for your home, contact the siding company Chicago is proud to turn to- Siding-1 Windows-1.

Stucco siding

Traditional stucco has bene popular in home exteriors for many years and it is made from a combination of building sand, cement, lime, and water. A special waterproof layer of paper insulation has to be applied to the home’s exterior before the stucco is applied. This is due to the fact that the stucco is very porous and water can seep into it over time and work its way into the home. The waterproof layer blocks moisture and keeps it to the exterior layers where it will dry with the sun and the wind and helps protect the home and keeps the stucco siding looking great.

Stone and stone veneer siding

Stone has long been held as one of the most beautiful and luxurious of all the siding options, but it is also very heavy, requires specialized installation, and can get very pricey very quickly. A way around these drawbacks is to install stone veneer siding. These are thin sheets of stone that are cut to resemble natural stone but are much thinner and lighter and easier to install. They look and feel like stone but are much more affordable and do not have the worry of too much weight behind added to the walls. Here at our Chicago replacement siding operation, we are seeing more and more people asking about these stone veneers so it is something to consider!

If you are looking for a siding company Chicago has the best of the best and here at Siding-1 Windows-1, we are committed to providing you with the finest in services, materials, and products. No matter what you are looking for or what you need our siding installation and replacement team can help! Call us today to learn more and let us help you with your Chicago replacement siding upgrade today!

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