Exterior House Cleaning Tips

Exterior House Cleaning Tips

Few homeowners enjoy the care and cleaning involved with keeping their home looking good inside and when the weather gets warmer it is time to move the focus to cleaning the exterior of their home.  Most homeowners forget that the outside of their home needs as much care and attention as the inside, and some would argue even more since that is what people see first when they drive by or first look at the home from the street. There are several things to keep in mind as you clean that can help make exterior house cleaning easier. For homes with siding you need to ensure the exterior of the home itself is cleaned and well maintained, all windows need to be washed and maintained, and additional elements of the home’s curb appeal need to be addressed as well. Here are some exterior house cleaning tips that can help you this season:

pressure washingPressure Washers

Many homeowners use pressure washers for cleaning the exterior of their homes because they are very versatile and can be used on a large variety of exterior materials and are safe for many different areas. There are high-pressure and low-pressure tips available so you can ensure a safe and effective cleaning for your siding, patios, decks, porches, sidewalks, siding and other areas of your home. Pressure-washing is not just at removing dirt and grime that builds up over the year, but it can also help remove algae and moss and surface mold and stains too! When it comes to getting ready for spring and summer cleaning, this is one of the best exterior house cleaning tips because a pressure washer can save you a lot of time, so long as they are used properly!

driveway careDriveway Care

Most people use the above-mentioned pressure washer for their driveway if it has gotten dirty or stained since the last cleaning but sometimes all that is needed is a general wash down or some good sweeping. After you get the driveway looking nice, you can help guard it against stains and keep it looking good by using a waterproof sealer. These sealers help protect your driveway against damage and also makes future cleaning much easier as dirt cannot adhere to the driveway and stains are kept to a minimum and dirt sweeps off much easier! Don’t make the mistake of over-looking this important aspect of home exterior caring this season! You will be glad you took the time- your home will look great!

cleaning guttersGutter Maintenance

When it comes to exterior house cleaning tips, gutter care is often overlooked or treated as more of an afterthought than the truly important task that it is! Removing debris involved more than just picking up the yard and cleaning off the roof from time to time. The gutters need to be thoroughly cleaned and inspected at least once a year so that any signs of damage can be addressed and so any maintenance needs can be taken care of before the new season. This is important because bad gutter systems can cause damage to the roof as well as the siding and the home itself.

washing windowWindow Washing

Windows do more than let in light and give you a view of the outside world, they can affect the entire look and feel of our home, even in a negative way. This is epically true if they are dirty!  Window washing is a chore many people loathe. A general recommendation is that you clean your windows twice a year, but depending on what the weather and seasons are like where you live you may need more frequent cleaning. Living in the country or on a dirt road may have more dust building up, city home may have more dirt and smog buildup, and living in snow, high temps or near salt water can also cause your windows to look dirty faster. Washing windows can be done with a squeegee and warm soapy water or with a sponge and a water hose. It is not a hard job but it is one that needs to be done, no matter how annoying it may be at the time!

Now with these exterior house cleaning tips in hand, you are prepared to tackle spring and summer cleaning and get it done faster and better than ever before. For help with siding and window care, call our experts here at Siding-1 Windows-1; we would love to talk to you, answer any questions you may have, and help you get the most out of your home’s siding and windows!



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