Basic Tips for Choosing Your Home’s Exterior Color

Basic Tips for Choosing Your Home’s Exterior Color

Choosing your home’s exterior color is a big step and is a decision that should not be made lightly. Much of a home’s curb appeal and even part of its overall value can come down to the color choices made for the exterior paint job! When it comes to local paint choices you have plenty of options but if you are looking for some guidance and direction then these are some handy points to keep in mind:

Choosing your home’s exterior colorThink About the Home’s History

When the time comes to paint an older home, generally people want to use a historically accurate color scheme. Most people would not paint a colonial style home an orange or blue color but would opt for white, tans, and muted tones.

Reinvent the Past

In some neighborhoods, homes are painted in lively colors, whether they are old or new. Older houses can sometimes be painted in more modern colors and this is often done to bring attention to interesting architectural details of the old style.

Take a Cue From the Neighbors

Choosing your home’s exterior color could be as simple as going with something similar to what the neighbors are doing.  You might not want your home to just blend in with everyone else but you don’t want to be an eye sore either!

autumn-exterior-colors-redConsider a Natural Inspiration Source

The local area around the home can be a good source of color ideas for inspired local paint choices for your home. Flower beds could offer accent color ideas and wooded areas, beach areas, and other natural elements can offer color ideas too.

Go Without Paint

Sometimes natural is better. If your home features brick or wood, consider letting those natural colors shine. There is a certain level of appeal in wood and stone and brick and it can make choosing your home’s exterior color so much easier!


If you need help choosing your home’s exterior color or need help making sense of all the local paint choices give us a call. We can help you find the shade that is perfect for your home and invite to call for your consultation appointment today!

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